• Teacher and Rabbi

    ‘Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest is my lover among the young men. I delight to sit in his shade, and his fruit is sweet to my taste. He has taken me to the banquet hall and his banner over me is love.
    Strengthen me with raisins and refresh me with apples, for I am faint with love. His left arm is under my head and his right arm embraces me.’ Song of Songs 2 v 3-6

    Jesus is our Teacher and Rabbi as well as our Lover and Bridegroom.
    These are the truths that He has revealed to me as I have sat at His feet and listened to Him.

  • the Lion Vision

    The Lion Vision

    I see a painting of a lion, he is coughing and spluttering and finding it hard to breathe. He lies down, he has no more roar, he has no more energy, he is ill, he is broken, he is dying. I see him in the throes of death, I see droplets of paint expelled from his mouth and these droplets are inhaled by others all around the world. This lion is the Lion of Judah from the Bible, it is Jesus, King of kings, Lord of lords. He died for us, His death set us free.

    As we breathe in His breath, (the droplets of paint), we are reborn. Creativity starts to flow out of a generation of people free at last to be who they were created to be. He is our vaccine, He is our antidote. Creativity brings healing from all sorts of trauma.

    By His wounds, we are healed. We just have to believe to receive!


    Take a look at this poem:

    The Creative release

  • What is God doing now during this pandemic?


    As Christians, we do not have to keep Jewish feasts as they did in the Old Testament. However, we must be open to learn what they represent for us today. God calls these feasts His feasts, not Jewish feasts and He calls us to always remember them. They are His appointed times, times when He breaks into our world with His miraculous power.

    The church teaches a lot about Passover and how it foreshadows Jesus’ death on the cross to set us free, to bring us out of situations where we have been oppressed and kept down. It also teaches a lot about Pentecost, the day the church began with an awesome display of God’s power. However, it doesn’t teach much about the unique season which falls in between. Here is a period of 50 days where God commanded the Israelites to ‘Count the Omer.’

    The Omer is sheaf of wheat. Counting the Omer is a very important principle and commandment in the Biblical calendar and requires 50 days of obedience. The Jewish people are to do this every year and it is the longest continuous observance of any commandment in the Bible so we should take note of it. If God asks us to do something every year for 50 days, there must be something very important for us to learn and experience.

    Becoming a free person is the beginning of everything. Until we are free, we aren’t able to fulfil our destiny. An Omer is a measure of wheat or barley, the first fruit of the harvest. The farmers used to go into the fields after Passover and tag all the visible buds. They went out to the field every day to water these buds and nurture them so that they would grow into ripe fruit or grains – the first fruit. Then at Pentecost, they brought these first fruits to the temple to present them as an offering to the Lord. God promised that if we brought these first fruits to Him, He would bless us with a bountiful harvest.

    Let’s look at Leviticus 23 v 15-16

    And you shall count for yourselves from the day after the Sabbath, from the day that you brought the wave offering: seven Sabbaths shall be completed. Count fifty days to the day after the seventh Sabbath; then you shall offer a new grain offering to the Lord.

    In Exodus 23 v 19

    The first fruits of your land you shall bring into the house of the Lord your God.

    The next part of the verse is dealing with pagan idolatrous practices and God is warning us not to keep these practices but bring our first fruits to Him. In other words, we are to invest our efforts into what God has given us.

    We are all created in the image of our Creator God, we have all been given some form of creativity, some gifts and talents. They were put in us right from when we were in our mother’s womb. You can read about this in Psalm 139 v 13-16. These gifts are like the buds in the field that the farmers had to water. You all have been chosen, you all have a destiny, and you all have gifts inside you that you may have yet to discover.

    During this time of the coronavirus, many people are not able to work, they are discovering old and new hobbies and forms of creativity which they may not have had time for before. I do not think this is a coincidence, I think it is God’s wake up call to the world to look inside ourselves and discover the beauty God has already put within us. Many with gifts to sew are helping to make gowns and masks for the NHS. There are others who are called to work hard to care for the sick and help feed the nation, could they be developing the fruits of the Spirit?

    In a field of wheat, there will always be weeds trying to choke the sheaves. What are the weeds in our lives? Nothing will hinder the gifts God has given us more than a bad character or a bad attitude. During this time of global difficulty, what is in our hearts will come to the surface, the good and the bad, now is the time to work on these things. Spending this time every year to focus on the fruits of the Spirit will develop integrity. The fruits of the Holy Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, you can find this teaching in Galatians chapter 5 v 16-26. It is a time to pull into God in a new way, each of us will be in a different situation and a different season in our lives. One size does not fit all! Ask God to show you who you are, what gifts He has given you and what He wants you to work on.

    God is the Lord of the harvest, but who is the lord of your first fruits? It is YOU! What you do with your first fruits will determine what God will do with the harvest. Jesus teaches this in the parable of the talents in Matthew 25 14-30. Those that bury their talents will receive nothing, those who invest in them, will be given more and more.

    God has a divine order, as we can see in Exodus 4 v 22

    Israel is My son, My firstborn.

    That means that Israel and the Jewish nation are the first fruits. They are no better than us, we are all equal, but it was through them we had the Gospel, it was through them we had Jesus, for Jesus was Jewish. Jesus is called the first fruits of the resurrection.

    Israel failed, but this was only so that the other nations could also be saved. We are to pray for and love Israel and the Jewish nation, they are a gift to us and we must honour them for what they have given to us.

    Romans 11 v 15

    For if their rejection released the reconciling power of grace into the world, what would happen when Israel is reinstated and reconciled to God? It will unleash resurrection power throughout the whole world.

    Honouring our Jewish roots will bring the miraculous power that we saw at Pentecost. Every one of Jesus’ disciples were Jewish, they all kept the feasts of God. What did they do after the death of Jesus, they were kept inside an upper room and told to wait for the Holy Spirit to come and empower them to carry the Good News of the Kingdom of God to the world. What is happening to us at the moment?

    Many of us are stuck in our homes waiting for the pandemic to pass, but what if this is God’s way to get us to fulfil ‘Counting the Omer.’

    There has been huge antisemitism around the world and especially in our own country recently. Throughout all this upheaval with Brexit, we are now addressing this issue. Will this be a key to a flourishing United Kingdom once more?

    There are lots of things to think about, I do not have all the answers but all I know is if we honour and nurture our first fruits, we will see a harvest, it is God’s promise to all of us.

    May God continue to heal our land.

    Take a look at this poem:

    The Creative release


  • CoronaVirus encouraging talk

    An encouraging talk by Neil Warburton. 03.04.2020

    View the video below:

  • CoronaVirus Prayer Painting

    Here is a wonderful prayer painting by Jewel Simpson.

    This wonderful prayer painting by Jewel Simpson shows the corona virus floating around until it comes into contact with the praises and exultation of believers…..then it dissolves or pops. exalting the name of Jesus rather than the virus. Believers are casting their crowns humbly at the feet of Jesus. Through this crisis the church ( the bride) will get her wings ( the butterfly) Our isolation is a bit like the caterpillar in the chrysalis and we are going to emerge as a butterfly. Gods heart is also the crown of thorns……
    Thank you, Jewel


  • Worship with Diane and David Devine

    Worship from the Devine living room! 03.04.2020

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  • The power of the spoken word

    Have you ever had someone speak negative things over you? How did it make you feel?

    Did you believe them and did those negative things begin to manifest or come about?

    Most people will realise that the power of the spoken word is very powerful. Why is that?

    If we go back to the very first book of the Bible and the first chapter, we see how God creates the world by speaking it into existence. Let us read together that first chapter of the book of Genesis.

    Read Genesis chapter one.

    Notice God said, “Let there be light and there was light.”

    This carries on every day, as God speaks, creation comes into reality.

    On day 6, God said

    Let us make mankind in our own image and let them have complete authority over the rest of creation, the animals, fish, birds etc.

    Wow, isn’t that amazing? What have we learned about God here? He is the Creator, He created everything including you and me.

    We have been made in His Image, if He can create with His Words, so can we.

    When someone encourages you and speaks positive things over you, how does that make you feel? Do you believe it?

    Quite often, people have such low self -esteem that they don’t believe people when they tell them good things. God showers us with love and promises all through the Bible and He is trying to speak that same love into us as we go about our every day. But over the years we have stopped hearing His Voice. I believe we all heard Him as babies in the womb and very young children but the world tries to shut Him out. We have been told that God doesn’t speak to people like He did in the Bible, He doesn’t give dreams and visions, and He doesn’t visit people here on earth anymore. He doesn’t heal and perform miracles, in fact often people don’t even believe God exists.

    Is this true? NO absolutely not. I am living proof that all these things still happen today because I have experienced them and I have been transformed from someone who felt she could do nothing, someone who thought she was not creative. So what does God do? He transforms me into the opposite. I have gone from someone who never created anything, someone who was negative and oppressed into the person God told me I was. How did that happen? I started to believe what He told me.

    God never changes, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, (Hebrews 13 v 8).

    God spoke my destiny over me, He told me I would do incredible things. Now, they are just beginning to come true. First, He had to heal my broken heart so that I could receive His Love. His Love transformed me bringing deep inner healing and physical healing. He started to show me the truth and throw out all the lies and wrong beliefs. It takes time, this journey into an intimate relationship with Jesus but it is worth investing time because He will make all your dreams come true.

    It says in Psalms 37 v 4

    If you delight yourself in the Lord, He will give you the desires of your heart.

    It really is true and it is so much better than we can possibly imagine! We fall in love!

    In Isaiah 55 v 10 – 11

    God says that just as the rain and snow come down and water the earth, so is His Word. Whatever He speaks in the Bible or speaks personally over you will come true, these words will not be useless but will accomplish God’s purpose for you.

    Isn’t that amazing! So there is a tremendous power in the tongue, we can bless others or we can curse them.

    You can read about this in James 3 v 1 – 10.

    Faith comes by HEARING the word of God (Romans 10 v 17), so by playing these poems which are full of God’s word, your faith will grow. After a while, you will begin to believe what you hear and once you believe you will start to be able to receive.

    I thought I wasn’t creative, so what does God say my destiny is? Totally the opposite of what I was. He makes me a leader of others, He makes me a teacher and a writer of poetry, books and songs. I have even started playing the guitar again after about 20 years. Why did I stop? Because someone said I wasn’t very good and I believed them. I have been robbed of the joy of making my own music for a very long time. It is such a joy to play again. It is not about being professional, it’s about having fun and playing for an audience of One. Father God is our Daddy and He loves every creative thing that we do, including our speech. He is so thrilled when we worship Him through speech, singing, dancing, art, embroidery, woodwork, pottery, baking, photography, jewellery making or writing! You can talk to God throughout your day, you can LISTEN and LOOK and WAIT for what He might want to say to you.

    If you want to hear God speaking to you personally, why don’t you join me in praying this prayer.


    Heavenly Father, thank you for creating me just the way I am. I am sorry that I have not always appreciated who you made me to be. Please come and show me who I am and how much you love me just as I am. I am sorry for the times when I have not spoken out good about others and myself. I repent of every unkind and negative word that I have spoken and I ask you Lord to come into my heart and change the way I speak. Open my spiritual ears to hear your voice, open my spiritual eyes to see the signs that you leave for me. Come and transform me with your love and lead me into my destiny. Amen.

    Take a look at this poem: Transformed by the Creator’s Love

  • A free gift for you, come and drink!

    How is your life? Are you disappointed, hurt, in pain physically or emotionally? Have people you have loved let you down? Are you looking for help but are completely turned off by religion and its hypocrisy? Do you feel alone, misunderstood, rejected and helpless? Are you searching for more, do you want to understand why you were born and what your purpose is supposed to be?

    I was just like that and there is a woman in the Bible who represents all of us who feel like this. She was a Samaritan woman who met Jesus at a well. You can read her story in the gospel of John, chapter 4.

    She was an outcast who had had 5 husbands and was currently living with another man. In the Bible immorality and adultery are a picture of us, men and women, worshipping one another or man made things such as money, power or sex, our jobs or churches instead of turning to the God who created us. This is called idol worship and we have all been guilty of this until we drink this wonderful living water that Jesus offers us. I have tried most things and it does not satisfy me, it feels good for a little while and then it wears off and I need something else. We are all addicted to something, waiting for our next fix but when we turn away from these earthly pleasures and drink from Jesus’ Well, the most amazing things happen. We start to see the truth as we have never seen it before, confusion and misunderstanding starts to leave. We see our own faults and say sorry and decide to change. Jesus starts to talk to us and He starts to woo us. He sees all our faults and loves us just as we are. He calls us His secret spring, a bubbling fountain, His private paradise (Song of Songs 4 v 12).

    Listen, Beloved, He is speaking to you now.

    “Are you thirsty, Beloved, come to Me! Come to Me and drink! Believe in Me so that rivers of living water will burst out within you, flowing from your innermost being which is your belly. Let Me exchange the polluted waters in your spiritual heart for the pure clear living waters that are in Me. For I am a Well full of healing waters and when you taste Me you will taste life and the water inside you will change and become like a bubbling fountain and you will be full of joy.”

    See, Beloved, He is inviting you into a relationship with Him, He wants to be your Best Friend. This relationship is a process, it doesn’t happen overnight. He wants to be your New Boyfriend and He wants to date you. In the Bible, God calls those that follow Him, His Bride. Jesus was inviting the Samaritan woman to leave her old way of life and follow Him. Jesus was to be the 7th husband. The number seven in the Bible represents fullness or completion.

    Jesus will not take you away from your physical spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend, He will love you back to life so that you are transformed and you will fall in love with your spouse all over again. You cannot lose, it is miraculous!

    This living water that Jesus gives us to live inside our bellies is the part of Himself we call Holy Spirit. Father God and Jesus are in heaven but they can be with each one of us through Holy Spirit. God, you see, is a family, He is community, He is three in one. This is a model for us to follow. The worlds way is to separate and divide but God’s way is to join together in unity.

    The Samaritan woman was like many religious communities today, she was keen to talk about doctrine and the coming Messiah but she didn’t know Him. That day she met Jesus for the very first time and it changed her completely, she would never be the same again. She was so excited that she ran off to tell others all about Him, she didn’t even bother to collect the physical water that she had come for!

    In time, she would learn more from Jesus and she would discover that it is not where you worship that matters, but who you worship. When you go straight to the Source of the bubbling spring, love begins to  flow out of you bringing healing and reconciliation. No longer will you shun other religious denominations or people who are different from you. Instead, you will join together in joy because you find you have Someone in common, Jesus, our Bridegroom God. For the Truth is a person, His Name is Jesus. Then you will have the Holy Spirit living inside you and you will be intimate with Jesus and there you have it, you will be worshipping in Spirit and Truth. Then the miracles will begin!

    If you would like to taste these living waters and never be thirsty again, if you would like to get to know Jesus in a personal intimate relationship, pray the prayer below with me.


    Lord Jesus, You are a well containing everything I need for love and life. You have paid the price for this living water by dying on the cross for me. Today, I reach out and drink this water and I know I will never be the same again. Please come and visit me just like you visited the Samaritan woman at the well. I want to get to know you, I want to be Your bride and Your best friend. Amen.

    Take a look at this poem: The Living Waters

    Take a look at this poem: The Waterfall

  • Male and Female: One flesh

    I was walking down by the river, this morning and I sat down in my favourite spot to enjoy the peace and tranquillity. The birds were singing and although the day was overcast, I had a real sense that spring had come.

    Suddenly I was aware of Holy Spirit in a purple coloured vapour sitting next to me. She appeared in a female form and wrapped me in Her arms covering me in a purple cloak. I started to weep, really weep and I realised that this was Mummy God, this was what I had been missing. Understanding came as I realised in a whole new way, that God is both male and female, both parts are equally important and one cannot function independently without the other.

    To conceive a child, an egg is released in the female and then the male needs to fertilise the egg with his sperm. This egg is then deposited in the womb of the woman to create new life.

    Without the woman, life cannot occur, without the man, life also cannot occur. Both sexes are needed to create life.

    The woman is a mother and she nurtures her baby. This is the divine pattern, so too with our Lord God. Sometimes we need a Father, sometimes we need a Husband, but sometimes only the love and care of a Mother will do. The woman was created for man as his helper, you can read about this in Genesis.

    In Genesis 1 v 27 – 28

    ‘So God created man in His own image,

    In the image of God, He created him,

    Male and female He created them.

    God blessed them and said to them,

    Be fruitful and increase in number,

    Fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over

    The fish of the sea and the birds of the air

    And over every living creature that moves on the ground.’

    They have equal status.

    In Genesis 2 v 18

    The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone.

    I will make a helper suitable for him’.

    The other creatures could not be that helper, so God caused the man to fall asleep and then he took a rib from the man’s side. Side by side in equality. It is also in the vicinity of the heart. The female provides the emotional side of the man. Without her, he is unable to unlock these inner parts. She provides the way to communicate with his emotions. Women love to talk, why is that do you think? Is it that we were made that way?

    The woman came out of the man, but every man has to come out of a woman. How clever of God. We are totally interdependent on one another to survive and reproduce. We can only be fruitful when both male and female take part.

    I believe the same is true for every church, or ministry. In order for balance and the right amount of nurture, we need women involved in leadership too. We need fathers and mothers in order for our children to be nurtured and fed and to grow into mature believers.

    In Genesis 2 v 24

    ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.’

    Maturity in a believer occurs when he or she leaves their spiritual parents and are joined with Jesus in ministry, bride and Bridegroom walking together through the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Today, I understood for the first time the importance of nurture in the church. In Matthew 23 v 37 -39, Jesus was talking to the religious teachers and leaders of the day, these would all have been men. He said that He was longing to gather his children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wing, but they wouldn’t listen.

    I believe it is time to release the women leaders to be the mothers they were always created to be. It is time for healing and reconciliation between the sexes, it is time to celebrate both male and female in equality. The godly pattern within marriage is male first and then female, but they are equal. They work together in unison as one flesh to sow and reap and to bring in the harvest.


    Lord God, You are Father and Mother and Husband. You are a family, and each part of you points to the other. You love and cherish each part of you equally because you are One.

    May You give each one of us revelation and understanding in this area, may we cherish one another and love one another as You Father love Jesus and Holy Spirit. Teach us to become a family after Your heavenly pattern. Amen.

    Jesus prays for all believers to be one with Him as He is one with His Father, you can read this prayer in John 17 v 20 – 25.


    Did you know that what God does in the natural, He does in the spiritual too?

    What a wonderful occasion the royal wedding was on Saturday. With the marriage of Harry and Megan, different nationalities and Christian denominations were married together in unity. Famous people from the worlds of media, drama, music, fashion, sport, politics, the military and royalty mixed with ordinary everyday people, the rich and the poor, black and white, all celebrating together in love and harmony.

    The readings were from Song of Songs and as soon as it began I was reduced to uncontrollable sobbing! These two readings are what Come away with Me is all about. Years ago I kept listening to Dance with Me by Jesus Culture and just kept sobbing. I asked Jesus why it affected me so much, He told me that He had been singing this song over me since I was in the womb. The words were taken from this very passage.

    My Lover spoke to me and said

    “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one

    and COME AWAY WITH ME. The winter is past;

    the rains are over and gone.

    Flowers appear on the earth;

    The season of singing has come,

    The cooing of doves is heard in our land.

    The fig tree forms its early fruit;

    The blossoming vines spread their fragrance.

    Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one


    (Song of Songs 2 v 10-13)

    The second reading was from Song of Songs 8 v 6-7

    Place me like a seal over your heart

    Like a seal on your arm;

    For love is strong as death,

    Its jealousy unyielding as the grave.

    It burns like blazing fire

    Like a mighty flame.

    Many waters cannot quench love;

    Rivers cannot wash it away.

    If one were to give all the wealth

    Of his house for love,

    It would be utterly scorned.

    This speaks of a burning passionate love which nothing will put out, no storm or persecution, no hardship or disaster. This is how Jesus our heavenly Bridegroom loves us and He is inviting each one of us to experience this love. When we have experienced perfect love, love which loves us despite our faults and weaknesses, we will begin to change and transform. We, too will start to love like He does, we, too, will start to love others just as they are. We will stop judging and criticizing but will reach out in love and forgiveness. This is what love is all about. Love changes everything!

    Will you accept this royal invitation into love?

    He wants you to be His royal bride?

    It is a journey, it will begin with dating and move on

    towards a wedding and a marriage. Then you will

    walk alongside Him in this life as His royal bride, together you will help to change the world.

    Take a look at the Come away with me poem.

    May 2018

  • Hearing God's voice



    John 10 v1-4   ALL His sheep hear His voice.

    Ephesians 1 v 17-18   Pray this out loud regularly.


    1. Be thankful in all things, if we complain, why should God show up!
    2. God inhabits the praises of His people.

    Psalm 22 v 3   Psalm 100 v 4

    1. Praise Him long enough and it will turn to worship and then His tangible presence comes.

    (Note: Worship is not singing a song, it is an attitude of the heart, it is a hunger and a thirst for more of God, it is a surrendered heart, it is intimacy.)

    Jeremiah 29 v 13.


    The enemy will do everything he can to keep you busy and distracted.

    Ask God a question such as

    What would you like to share with me today?


    How do You see me, Lord?


    If a thought comes to you, or a voice or whisper, or something that looks unusual and catches your attention.

    Do not dismiss it as imagination. STOP AND TAKE NOTICE just as Moses took notice of the burning bush in Exodus 19 v 18.

    4   JOURNAL

    As thoughts and ideas come to you, write them down. I might just get one word or a sentence and as I write more comes, this causes a flow. This is how my poems and books came about.

    5   BE LIKE A CHILD, open and expectant.

    Ask for a child-like faith.


    1. Conscience
    2. Bible
    3. Talks, sermons
    4. Books, TV, internet, films
    5. Nature
    6. Other people, not necessarily believers.
    7. Dreams and visions
    8. Billboards, things written on lorries or vans
    9. Peace

    Jesus taught through telling stories.


    See yourself in the story.


    Believe as you start to receive things.

    Do not dismiss small things, my first picture was just light and I nearly dismissed it, but my friend Jewel encouraged me to hold onto it, that it was the beginning, and it was!


    Bind every demonic force and distractions and loose Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Truth. (Matthew 18 v18.)

    REVELATION 4 V 1-4 is a good place to start. Revelation means the unveiling of Jesus. Imagine a door in heaven opening and see what Jesus wants to show you.

    Take a look at this poem: The Father’s Embrace

  • Pentecost - the song of the dove

    On June 9th we will celebrate the feast of Pentecost, this was a prominent feast in the calendar of Ancient Israel celebrating the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai, it was also known as the Feast of Harvest. On that exact date many years later, it marked the birth of the church when the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples waiting in the upper room. They had been told by Jesus to wait there in Jerusalem for the baptism of the Holy Spirit which would fill them with God’s power and boldness to go out and preach the good news of the Kingdom of God. (Acts 2)

    During the feast of Pentecost, God had told the people to wave two loaves of bread containing yeast. Yeast represents sin and yet they were acceptable to God because they also brought a sin offering in the form of a goat. This  foreshadowed the joining of Israel and the church, both had sin but because Jesus became the sin offering, they were acceptable to God. They also offered a lamb as a peace offering. You can read about this in Leviticus 23 v 15-21.

    Pentecost means fifty and was fifty days after the Passover Sabbath, which we know as Easter Sunday. Jesus had been crucified on the cross and risen from the dead. He had appeared to many of his disciples/followers and had then ascended into heaven to be with His Father. His friends were devastated to see Jesus go but when the Holy Spirit overshadowed them, they understood that Jesus couldn’t be with all of them everywhere but Holy Spirit could. Holy Spirit is the part of God that lives inside us and joins us to Father God and His Son Jesus.

    What is so incredible though is the fact that when Jesus died he brought down the wall that separates the Jewish people and the church, we are now one, a new creation called the One New Man.

    You can read about this in Ephesians 2 v 13-22.

    The old way of the law through Moses brought death, 3000 people were killed because they worshipped a golden calf but when the church was born and the Holy Spirit came 3000 people gave their lives to Jesus and received life.

    Would you like to be baptised with the power of the Holy Spirit? Would you like to walk in the power and love of Jesus and the disciples? Would you like to see the sick healed and the broken hearted made whole? Well you can. Listen to this poem, it is a prophetic word over your life and if you believe and receive, it will be yours. God gave me this poem in February 2016, I then went on a journey to discover the heart of Jesus. Now that power is released inside me, I am nothing, He is everything, it is the power of Jesus inside me. I believe, I receive and now I will see the harvest as God wills.

    Listen to the poem by Mandy “The song of the dove”

    Here is a video of John Young’s spontaneous song entitled Revival

  • A Trumpet Call


    This is the season of the Jewish Autumn Feasts. These feasts are not just for Jewish people, they are God’s feast times and an invitation to all people to return to Him and enjoy what He wants to show us at this appointed time. We do not have to keep ritualistic traditions, which are a heavy yoke, but we are to look for the significance of these special set apart times and expect God to come into our world with His miraculous power. You can find these feasts explained in  Leviticus chapter 23 in our Old Testament. God’s day begins with the evening and then the morning.

    Genesis 1 v 5

    And God called the light Day and the darkness He called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day.

    This is why the feasts begin at sundown of the previous day.

    On the evening of 29th September it was the Feast of Trumpets called Rosh HaShanah in Hebrew and it signifies the beginning of a new year or a new way. A trumpet is an alarm call, a warning to return from our old rebellious ways and return to the God of Israel, the Creator of heaven and earth. The Jewish people then have 10 days of repentance, also known as days of awe, as in fear and awe of God. This  leads to the Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur, and this year it was on October 9th but began the evening before.

    In ancient Israel the High Priest would enter the holiest part of the temple called the Holy of Holies on the Day of Atonement. This could only be accessed once a year by the High Priest who would sacrifice an unblemished animal to pay for the sins of the whole nation. This ritual represents what Jesus did for us by taking all our sin and mistakes onto Himself and then dying on the cross instead of us. He was without sin, completely unblemished and so He has paid the price for us. He is our High Priest, He went before God the Judge and took our punishment upon Himself, so we could go free. What amazing love given freely to all, even when we turn away from Him and go our own way.

    On the evening of 13th October, the Feast of Tabernacles begins and lasts for 8 days. This feast commemorates the 40 year wilderness journey of the people of Israel. They build temporary shelters to remind them of how their ancestors lived in the desert. They eat and some sleep out in them during the first 7 days. In the synagogues, the Jewish people read the end of the Torah, the first five books of our Christian Bible, and then return to the beginning to read Genesis.

    The number 7 means completeness and represents a complete length of time when we are wandering in the desert without fully understanding God’s ways and so we do our own thing. But because of God’s tremendous love for us, if we choose to accept Jesus’ sacrifice and turn from our old ways, God will send His Holy Spirit to lead us out of the desert and into the promised land. The number 8 means new beginnings and represents our life being joined by God. He comes and makes His home in our hearts and we become one with Him. He comes and lives with us and the miraculous power of God is released in and through us, He tabernacles or dwells with us, the power is Him, the manifest presence of God.

    Now begins a new chapter when we walk with our God. All the promises in the Bible will come true once we have turned away from our past with our pride and rebellion, when we realise we can do nothing without Our Lord and King. People will be transformed through going through their own desert journey and will come into a place of abundance and joy, a place where healing and reconciliation are normal, a place where we experience God’s love personally, hear His voice, live in peace and rest from all our works and do only the works that He has destined us to do. These works will be done with ease and we will love to carry out these works because they will be tailor made for us by the God who created us and knows us better than we know ourselves.

    WOW! We are called to believe and receive His promises only, He will do all the work but we have to turn from our wicked ways and believe. The fullness of this promise will be seen when Jesus physically returns to this earth and makes everything new but we can also experience a lot of this now, if only we believe and receive. We will still live in a broken world but we will live in an inner peace and joy whatever situation we might be in.

    Last night as my husband and I were watching the news, a video was shown of a young boy dying of aids due to contamination of blood products, the boy was a haemophiliac. I recognised the backing track to this video as the same one used in one of my poems, it was ONE IN MESSIAH. Listen to this poem, a prophetic word for this time.

    It is when we come together in unity that we will see the miracles, it is when we look with awe to God that we will see change in our countries.

    Our country is in chaos and division at this time and yet God loves us and He will use this painful time to bring good.

    I heard the Lord say this today, at this appointed time. Please test this as I can be wrong, all prophetic words must be tested with the truth as seen in the Bible.


    I am about to pour out My love upon this earth, upon the United Kingdom. I have been very displeased with them and I have been sorely grieved. But intercession (prayer) has been made, and I have heard. I hereby remove my judgment over this land and I will bring My healing touch. Chaos and rebellion will die down as I work My miraculous power on behalf of this land. Out of the ashes, I will birth something new and I will bring back the awe and fear of the Lord.

    Waves and waves of the fear and awe of God will move over this land. Hostile tongues will be stilled as those full of pride fall and make way for those I have appointed. I have spoken and I will do it.

    October 9th 2019

    Take a look at this poem: One in Messiah 

    Take a look at this poem: My body broken for you

    Take a look at this poem: The double bass

    Trumpet horn
  • The Royal Standard

    Things are getting pretty scary in this country at the moment aren’t they? Did you know that the Bible tells us that in the last days before Jesus returns there will be a lot of trouble especially for people who trust in themselves and their own plans.
    I love all people but I don’t always love what they do. I have made so many mistakes in my life, I used to think I knew best and strived in my own strength to see my plans come to fruition.
    God had to seriously humble me, without our almighty God, we can do nothing.
    This is the season of advent where we remember the first coming of Jesus and look forward to His second coming.
    Why should we look forward to Jesus coming again? Because He will restore all things, there will be a new earth with no global warming, there will be a new heaven and there will be new people. People with no sickness and disease, no mental illness, no addictions.
    The most amazing thing is that this restoration can start now in this life, in each person’s heart. God has healed me in my mind, in my emotions in my spirit and in my relationships. Would you like to feel peace, love and joy in whatever circumstance you might find yourself in?
    Well you can, anyone who accepts Jesus as King of their lives begins a journey into restoration and healing in every area of their life.
    Listen to this poem, God gave this to me two days before the referendum on 21/06/16.
    Now, He is prompting me to share it. He is our answer, not any superpower organisation.

    May you know how much God loves you this Christmas, may you understand the enormity and the power of Jesus sacrificing His life for you, yes YOU. You are dearly loved and very precious just as you are right now.

    View the video below:

  • The Heavenly Pattern of Worship


    This teaching can be found in the book of Hebrews chapter 9 verses 11 -27. However, I am going to explain it to you in the way the Lord showed me, through pictures.

    I don’t know if you remember Watch with Mother, a lunch time program for young children? Well I grew up watching these programs, a lady tells us a story and then teaches the children how to make creative things so that they understand the story. Well it is the same with our heavenly Mother who I see as the Holy Spirit. We are made in God’s image, male and female and this is my simple way of understanding God, as a Father, Mother and Husband, that is a Royal Family. Our Husband and Brother is Jesus, and Father God is our Father. Each part has a different function and when they are each given the freedom to play their given role, there is a connection between heaven and earth which is quite spectacular.

    When God told Moses to build the Tabernacle or Tent in the wilderness or desert, it was to teach His children about His Heavenly Pattern of worship. If you want to look this up, it can be found in Exodus 25-31 and 35-40. However, this is the old pattern of worship and it is important NOT to get bogged down in it all. Let us summarise this whole Tabernacle as the Ark of the Covenant. This was a wooden box covered in gold with gold cherubim and a mercy seat on top. The cherubim are angels with wings, this is found in the most Holy Place and only the high priest could access it once a year to make sacrifices for his sin and the sin of his people.

    What was inside this box? There were the two tablets of the Law given to Moses on Mount Sinai, these were the 10 commandments.

    Alongside these were the jar of manna or bread and the rod of Aaron which had sprouted and blossomed and produced almonds.

    Yes, well it is all rather strange but let me explain it in an easily understandable way.

    This is the picture of our church at the moment. We are living in the old pattern, the old Law which nobody can keep and we are eating the old stale bread/manna. The rod of Aaron represents the old priesthood which could not save despite all the sacrifices. This, I believe represents all our works, works that cannot save, they are dead works. When we understand this, Holy Spirit leads us to repent and lay down our works and rest, we then enter a period in the ark where we are refined and purified. This is like the story of Noah’s Ark, and we all have to go through this storm. As we rest in the presence of God, represented by the Ark we go through our own death, death to our flesh or sin. It is only when we have been through this process of maturing that we start to bud and blossom and produce spiritual fruit. The Ark is a picture of coming into intimacy with God, we, the church, are described as the bride of Christ. This is a mystery as described in Ephesians 5, what is this mystery? It is the process of becoming one flesh with our Saviour. Is it a coincidence that everyone in Noah’s Ark was part of a couple? This is the meaning of communion, it is a connection with our heavenly Bridegroom.

    So what happens when this connection is made? Jesus takes us out of the Ark, for the storm is over and all the confusion and division is at an end. We start to see clearly and all our religious traditions are washed away. We are invited to ‘come up here’ as John was in Revelation 4, an invitation right into the worship room in heaven.

    We are now a new creation, because of what Jesus has done. He was the perfect sacrifice and when he died on the cross he said “It is finished”, which in Hebrew can also mean “My bride”, see The Passion Translation of John 19 v 29.

    Ephesians 2 v 6

    He raised us up with Christ the exalted One, and we ascended with Him into the glorious perfection and authority of the heavenly realm, for we are now co-seated as one with Christ.

    Read verses 11-22 which describes how we are his temple/church/tabernacle. There is no building for each one is being transformed into the Holy of Holies, that just means that God makes His home in you by His Holy Spirit. Each person is like a stone in the building and so if a stone is missing then the fulness of the new creation cannot come. We all need to forget our differences and come together as one, no more different denominations shunning one another.

    Now we are in a place of REST, a place where we BELIEVE what Jesus has already done for us, a place where we know that everything has been a gift from God, all we have to do is BELIEVE AND RECEIVE LIKE A LITTLE CHILD. See Hebrews 4

    Jesus was not like Aaron, he was given a different priesthood, this could not be accessed until he had died and risen from the dead. We are to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and when we die to all our works, we are born again like a little baby. Like a little baby we are fed and looked after and are totally dependant on our Mother from Heaven or Holy Spirit.

    Jesus says that no one can enter the Kingdom of heaven/God unless he becomes like a little child, see Matthew 18 v 3.

    This priesthood is the  priesthood of Melchizedek which just means the King of Righteousness. Melchizedek was the king of Salem which means peace. We, too can receive this priesthood and kingship because we receive it NOT through anything we have done, but because of what Jesus has done. In short, we swop our self -righteousness for Jesus’ righteousness, our sin for his perfect purity.

    You can read about this in Hebrews 5.

    So, now what? Well, what happens in Revelation 4, in the throne room of heaven?

    All I can see is worship of our Holy God, all I can see is every angel and person in heaven bowing down before our King of Kings.

    I believe this could be a picture of mature sons and daughters of God walking in the image of Christ.

    We are bold and courageous like the lion.

    We become like servants, serving others like the ox.

    We are redeemed humanity, that is saved by Jesus, a man like us.

    We begin to see clearly and are given 20/20 vision like an eagle.

    An eagle means the prophetic part of our nature is now working because we hear God speak clearly to us and see him Face to face.

    An eagle can fly nearer the sun/Son than any other bird.

    Now, let me take you back to the beginning of this teaching and Watch with Mother. Holy Spirit showed me that I was like Looby Loo from the program called Andy Pandy. Looby Loo was a doll who was stuck in a box, Mother lifted her out of the box and she taught Andy Pandy and the rest of the toys to dance.

    This is a picture of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth setting us free from religion and now we can dance and worship the One True God in spirit and truth. I used to be very religious and I would grab hold of a formula or person and follow them instead of Jesus. This is idol worship and while we look to any church or person or ministry to get close to God, we are lost. This ministry is to help point you to the TRUTH, that is to JESUS.

    A few years ago God sent me to a worship academy which cost money and time, I did know why I was there and so danced and waved some banners. I was NOT changed. Afterwards Holy Spirit took me into HER school, I became intimate with the Lord, I started to write poems, songs and books, all worship. I grew in maturity and learned to become a leader. I let go of every one of my works. The Lord instructed my husband and I to set up this website and sent a beautiful man of God to tell me. He told me this was not a choice but a command from God. My first poem was birthed in his time of worship, we had a start time and continued until the anointing stopped. There was no plan except to search the Face of God. The man leading this was a Messianic Jew, he mentored me from afar. I met with him only a handful of times. This is the pattern to maturity, we need mentors at first but as we grow in maturity we need to feed directly from the heavenly breasts instead of the bottle.

    Despite this ministry being a work of God, I had to keep laying it down because I was striving and getting overwhelmed. All this has been preparation and I am ready only because I know I can’t do this but I KNOW HOLY SPIRIT CAN.

    January 2020