Broken and Twisted

Broken and Twisted

By Neil Warburton

Broken and twisted I come to Thee

To be straightened and fixed I expect of Thee

But no, polish and soothe each break and twist you do

Bringing a beauty, I failed to see

Fear to live, fear to die

Pain at every twist and turn I sigh

Those I love, I have come to mourn

Overwhelmed by the experience of life I sigh

To a place where my passion for the things of this life must die

Where the heart gives up its dead

Why, when what possible outcome

If, but and how did it come to this

Please excuse me I am not doing well today

And lack the strength to be invincible

To this place I must embrace, it’s where grace and mercy sit

Where the broken and twisted come to reside

A place where fear subsides

To a place where Christ resides

Twisted and broken for me he dies

The tomb and stone rolled away

Christ is alive the pain subsides

Salvation, grace and mercy arrive

And bid my tearful and anxious heart subsides

Through scars and tears I see

Christ salvation is there for me

Oh I love Thee lord and be all to me

Take all that I am, like you I long to be

The pain I feel is your gift of ministry to me

Nothing wasted for Thee

No life is unimportant to Thee

Oh lord take me, make me, Lord like Thee

My eyes fixed on Thee

Disruptions of this life are temporary you see

Heavenly gaze and stare is for me

Without it lost I would be

God of grace and mercy to Thee I give myself

For without you, broken and twisted I would be

Neil Warburton