The Lion vision

The Lion vision

I see a painting of a lion, he is coughing and spluttering and finding it hard to breathe. He lies down, he has no more roar, he has no more energy, he is ill, he is broken, he is dying. I see him in the throes of death, I see droplets of paint expelled from his mouth and these droplets are inhaled by others all around the world. This lion is the Lion of Judah from the Bible, it is Jesus, King of kings, Lord of lords. He died for us, His death set us free.

As we breathe in His breath, (the droplets of paint), we are reborn. Creativity starts to flow out of a generation of people free at last to be who they were created to be. He is our vaccine, He is our antidote. Creativity brings healing from all sorts of trauma.

By His wounds, we are healed. We just have to believe to receive!


Take a look at this poem:

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