God gave me this poem in 2015. This is a prophecy for this ministry. I can’t make it happen, but He can. He will bring in the right people to join us and together we will see it come to fruition.
Please view the ship poem in poems to hear this prophetic word.

  • Our vision - part one


    EVERYONE can benefit from these prophetic words spoken out. As we listen to these poems, songs and teachings, we can experience deep healing and transformation from the comfort of our own homes or our local café, or wherever we have internet access.
    Jesus is our healer and counsellor, He is the One who transforms us with His Love. This is a journey for everyone. The Lord God is a supernatural God, we have spoken out the words of truth, He will take action and bring about the healing or miracle that you and I need.
    This ministry was His idea, not mine. I thought it would be a physical house of healing and restoration, but God had other ideas!

  • Our vision - part two


    Come away with Me is like a luxurious train and the Holy Spirit is the conductor. When you get on this train, you will be on a journey heavenwards. You will get to know God intimately and He will turn the tables on evil forces and lead you out of captivity into healing and freedom. Jesus has already paid the price with His blood and the victory is already yours.

    As you continue on this journey, you will understand how much the Lord loves you just as you are. You will be transformed by the Creator’s Love into who you were always created to be. We each have a destiny which was written in heaven before we were even born. Jesus will show us who we are and give us the gifts that He has preordained that we should have.

    He will equip His apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. During this time of discipleship, you will be trained by the Lord for the work you have been appointed for. You will grow into maturity and be sent out in power. (Ephesians 4 v 1 -16)

    There is no hierarchy in this ministry, we are all equal, one in Jesus. Andrew and I too, are on this train, we, too, are learning from Holy Spirit, we too, will learn from each one of you. You are chosen, you are special.

    You were made in the image of Our Creator God. There are gifts inside you which need to be unlocked and released, it is time to stop burying our talents and time to discover the new song that has been planted within each one of us.

    Painting by Kathy Whyte

  • Our vision - part three


    I see this ministry as a hub to join like- minded people together so we can learn from one another and connect with people in the same locality as ourselves. Nothing beats face to face contact and relationship.

    As we come and worship our God together in unity, I believe it will be very powerful.


We welcome people from every denomination, background and nationality. As long as we all have Jesus as Lord, we are in unity, it doesn’t mean uniformity, we believe diversity is a strength.


In April 2021, the visionary of “Come Away With Me” Mandy Imlay sadly passed away.  As a tribute and celebration of Mandy’s life, some of her friends have posted pieces of their work, as a gesture of love and remembrance to honour her. Take a look at some contributions here